New Calendar Integration + Updates



Cloverleaf now integrates with Google Calendar! Connect Cloverleaf with your Google account to see real-time, topical insights about those you work with for more effective communication and collaboration.

Constantly meeting with people you don’t work closely with in your day to day flow? Get a better understanding of everyone you are meeting with for the day!

View directly on dashboard or via a daily calendar digest straight to your inbox.

Learn more by visiting our calendar help articles.


We now display numerical scores for the 16 Types assessment! Ever wondered why you could take 16 Types and get different results? You can now see exactly what your score is. Maybe you are right on the line between two different traits and never knew! (If you don’t see your numeric score, go ahead and retake the assessment).

We’ve doubled the insights to keep your bi-weekly emails and Cloverleaf profile fresh!

You'll now see our notification screen whenever you have a task to complete - whether it’s connecting your calendar, uploading a profile picture, or finishing an assessment.