Don't 'Wing It' with Team Building

Teams are becoming a more critical force in business. While there are few good studies on the increasing role of teams in the workplace some estimates have more than half of all productive work in businesses being derived by teams. This could be permanent teams or project teams that are only formed for a short period of time. It can also include client service teams - an even faster growing segment of team usage in business.

The increasing role of teams in US business can be seen by the drive in our education system which now prioritizes team building at the youngest levels of elementary education and increases through high school to the point that more of your grade is now built around your teams' successes than on your own individual success.

So if teams are so important - why is there so little thought or tools being applied to how we form these teams and what makes a team successful? Sure this is great research occurring around organizational design and some of that includes teams. But we rarely get that research down to a practical level that provides managers with the tools and resources to make better decisions about who we put together to achieve the best outcomes.

Example of a dysfunctional team
Example of a dysfunctional team

In my experience the only time management has stepped back to look at teams were usually as lessons learned from a failed project or only when something is going wrong. This is typically well after considerable time and resources have been spent with less than desired results.

This is why Cloverleaf was created. We believe that a flexible tool that allows you to visualize people scenarios will help you build the best, most productive teams possible. Using proficiencies, personality and preferences we give you tools to mix and match people in your organization and see in real time the impact this could have on performance. Setting team goals, scenario planning and adapting in real time give you the best picture of potential future success.

Build your team today.