How Managers Spend Their Time, Now and in the Future

The Harvard Business Review recently published a video summarizing a recent study on the potential role that Artificial Intelligence could have on management. While the prospect of artificial intelligence impacting managers may seem a far-off fairy tale and is interesting given the buzz around AI, we found it interesting for the interesting stats about managers. For example, more than half of a manager's time is spent on administrative tasks and only a mere 7% of their time, or said another way 2.8 hrs / week, is spent on developing people and engaging with stakeholders. Which means the amount of time spent developing people is probably closer to 1 hour / week when you exclude engaging stakeholders.

Or what about this statistic indicating managers which skills managers rated in their top three. Of the skills listed, most people skills fell squarely at or near the bottom of the list. This included 'people development and coaching, and 'performance management'.

The thrust of this article implied that this was due to the overwhelming tide of administrative tasks that could be easily automated with AI. But what if the real reason is the level of discomfort, training and lack of tools available to help the managers be successful with leading their teams and coaching their people?

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