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What is Strengthscope®?

Strengthscope’s® mission is to reveal the unique strengths of people across the world, enabling you to bring your most authentic and inspired selves to work and to life, every day. The Strengthscope® self-report is the first essential step on the journey to discovering and embracing your unique strengths and learning how to use them effectively.

Backed by almost 15 years of research and validation, “It is the first strengths assessment system to have achieved Registered Test Status with the UK’s British Psychological Society (BPS) and has also been verified as a valid and reliable measure of work-related strengths by City University, UK,” (Strengthscope®).

Strengthscope® defines strengths as underlying qualities that energize you and that you are great at or have potential to become great at. It helps you to perform at your best every day, and also allows you to reduce performance risks – all by developing what already exists inside of you.

The Strengthscope® system has several modules, making it more extensive than any other strengths profiling system. Other ways it separates itself from other assessments are:

  • Unlike other traditional personality, values or behavioural assessments, Strengthscope® is measuring what gives you energy

  • Strengthscope®’s simple, universal language enables quick interpretation and habit formation to bring the strengths approach to life every day

  • Strengthscope® is the only strengths profile to have acquired registered test status with the British Psychological Society, meaning that it’s the most valid and reliable strengths profiling tool in the world today.

a graph with different colored labels that shows how Strengthscope® assessment works

What Does A Strengthscope Assessment® Show You? 

Strengthscope® compiles 24 different strengths broken down into the four categories: Emotional, Relational, Thinking, and Execution. Each strength falling within these categories will have scores rated on a standardized scale from 1-10. Scores are compared to a relevant comparison group with higher scores showing areas that energize you the most.

It is more important to focus on the overall distribution of your strengths and which clusters they fall in rather than the individual scores for each strength. Significant 7 strengths are displayed as purple bars, while others are shown as blue bars. Higher bars represent those strengths that are more natural and energizing for you, whilst the lower bars represent non-strength areas or energy drainers that will provide less energy and enjoyment in your work. 

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Download the Cloverleaf Assessment Guide

This guide contains:
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How To Use A Strengthscope® Report

When you look at your Strengthscope® report, you will be guided to:

  • Build awareness of your unique strengths and how to optimize these to achieve exceptional results

  • What energizes you most and how to stretch these to perform at your best

  • Which strengths may become counter-productive when not used effectively

  • What energizes you least and which may impact your performance

  • Empowering strategies to help you take action to stretch yourself in areas of strength and reduce the impact of any performance risks

  • Positive, practical ways of working that will improve your confidence, motivation and success in any situation

  • How to strengthen relationships and work more effectively with people whose strengths are different from yours by allowing more honest and authentic conversations across all levels

With the report, you will also have access to an interactive course on how to understand your report.

Learn more about the Strengthscope® assessment here.

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*Learn more about how Cloverleaf use Strengthscope® and other assessment to provide Automated Coaching™.

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