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“Cloverleaf increases employee engagement. We see engagement opportunities through increased emotional intelligence. This comes from the identification of strengths, insights on teammates that improves communication and performance, and in helping team leaders create cognitively diverse teams.”

- Brian Vowels, Talent Development Manager at UPS

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Understand your people.

With the right resources and tools, people can do their best work. The Cloverleaf platform supports six different assessments to have the best insight into how teams and people in your company work. Using the Cloverleaf Dashboard or Reports, you can gain insights from these assessments. The ME Dashboard gives you a place where you can inventory your top skills and define where you are focusing skill development efforts.


Organizational Dashboard.

With your entire company’s assessment data all in one place, you can pull insights and see the way people work together. Through this, identify gaps and opportunities to take teams to the next level.


UNlimited teams.

Through a birds-eye view, see how teams work together, and individually. From this, understand how to position people on teams for success. Easily move people around on teams and categorize team members.


Hiring and Selection.

Run scenarios, seize opportunities, and know your people. Utilize integrated assessments to identify candidates that best align with your talent management plan.


Unlimited teams, unlimited people, unlimited insights, custom reporting



Unlimited Assessments

Calendar Integration (Google + Microsoft)

Curated Development Resources

Skills and Competency Inventory

Team Coaching Emails

Slack Integration

Team Dashboard

Relationship Mapping

Team role recommendation

Assessment Reports

Candidate administration & comparison

Organizational Administration

Premium Coaching Content

Admin Dashboard

Enterprise Reporting

Unlimited Teams and People