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Enneagram Type 9 Description And Key Characteristics

Enneagram Type 9 is called The Peacemaker. They are motivated by the need to keep the peace, connect with others, and avoid conflict. Generally, type nines are kind, gentle, reassuring, supportive, loyal, and nonjudgmental in relationships. 

Type nines are great at listening to others, providing objectivity, excelling at unbiased mediation, and having a keen ability to appreciate the positive aspects of both sides. 

Nines have a gift of accepting others without prejudice which makes people feel understood and accepted by them. They are reconcilers and healers, highly devoted to peace within themselves and their environment.

Enneagram 9 Strengths

  • Cooperative

  • Easygoing

  • Generous

  • Patient

  • Receptive

  • Diplomatic

  • Open minded

  • Empathetic

When a nine is healthy, they are reassuring, modest, objective, calm, settled, and comfortable. Nines that are secure can see various points of view and serve as harmonizers in group experiences, helping to make others feel understood.

Development Opportunities for Enneagram Type 9s

Nines must make an effort to exert themself and to engage in what is going on around them rather than drifting away by tuning others out or daydreaming. Type 9’s can focus their attention to become active participants in the world around them.

To process, nines must also recognize their own aggressions, anxieties, and other feelings. They should acknowledge that negative feelings and impulses are part of them and can affect them physically and emotionally, whether or not they acknowledge these aspects. 

Furthermore, by ignoring these feelings, nines can inadvertently express negative emotions, disrupting peace and harmony in their relationships. It is best for nines to practice communicating openly and allowing themself to become aware of their feelings.

Enneagram 9 Blindspots

  • Passive-aggression

  • Avoidance

  • Lethargy

  • Procrastination

  • Laziness

  • Indecisive

Nines often live with an internal sense of vagueness. They have a hard time knowing what they want and what they need. Creating healthy forms of self-discipline will increase your awareness of your feelings and other sensations within your body. 

Developing awareness of how your body feels and your emotions can also help prioritize attention in other areas of your life. Doing so can strengthen your resolve to keep commitments and work toward meaningful goals.

Identifying your type is not an excuse for specific behaviors. Such as, “well, I can’t make up my mind; I’m a nine.” Instead, nines can consider, “Perhaps I am being indecisive and avoiding something difficult. Am I reacting to this to feel safe?”

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Enneagram 9 Wings

A nine can have an eight or a one wing. 

Nines with an eight wing can excel in leadership positions because they are independent, steady, and willful. A 9w8 must also pay attention because they can become lustful, aggressive, and callous.

Nines with a one wing tend to be highly principled and hardworking. They are often modest, composed, and orderly. However, they can struggle with being obsessive-compulsive and self-righteous.

Enneagram Type 9 At Work

In work environments, they can be great at human resources and project management when they are a part of a healthy team. Nines can skillfully direct team members toward resolution and synchronicity with compassion and understanding. 

Type nines will engage at work when they feel confident that their voice is heard and they can help guide others toward resolution with team members or clients.

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A Coaching Tip to Help Enneagram 9s On A Team

In groups or teams, nines may hold back some of their thoughts and feelings to avoid conflict. It’s important for nines to remember that high-performing teams allow for healthy task conflict, which can be leveraged as a source of innovation.

As a practical tip, when heading into a meeting or conversation that is likely to bring up debate,  nines may want to come prepared with a few formulated perspectives they want to share and listen carefully for the opportunity to contribute.  

At their best, type nines can be incredibly engaged, focused on connection to people and relationships, understanding what needs to happen in situations, and providing solutions that resolve or connect the entire party. In times of disintegration, they can be aloof, disengaged, and focused on avoiding any potential internal or external conflict.

Continue To Grow As An Enneagram 9

The Enneagram is helpful because it identifies fears and challenges related to each personality type. The goal is to recognize and use the insights to experience transformational growth.

The road to growth for an Enneagram Nine will require them to own their feelings, voice their opinion, and address conflict even when it’s uncomfortable. 

The transformation from passivity to a more profound awareness for the nine is realizing that their desire for harmony isn’t achieved by withdrawal but by engaging themselves at the moment.

Nines need to take the initiative to show up, this may take hard work. When nines learn to embrace their intentions, they find a renewed strength to live in the present moment. They can engage by expressing themselves in loving and giving ways, which will be readily received by others.

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Enneagram Type 9
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