Enneagram Type 6: The Loyalist

Enneagram type 6 is called the loyalist. They are steady, loyal and keep things running, even behind the scenes, without needing attention or being in the spotlight. They can be very anxious and fearful. They need a constant flow of information in order to plan and execute. They are genuinely interested in what is best for everyone.

At their best, they are fun, energetic, loyal and honest. In times of disintegration, they can be very anxious and self doubting, slowing things down and building too many processes or fail safes, ‘just in case.’

At work, they enjoy being a part of a team, adhering themselves to something bigger than themselves. They need time to analyze and think through all possible scenarios. If you give them patience and answer all of their questions, they can keep an entire company afloat amidst any disaster or downfall.

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