Enneagram Type 8: The Challenger

Enneagram type 8’s are called the challenger. They have the most energy out of all numbers on the enneagram. They are straight forward, linear thinkers and will get the job done, no matter what. They know the bottom line and will drive towards it, but can tend to bulldoze people if they get in their way.

At their best, they are incredible leaders, able to help people along the way, while knowing what is the most important and getting it done. In times of disintegration, they can be short, snappy, and sometimes rude.

At work, they can accomplish more than any other number, at a faster pace. Don’t limit them based on what ‘normally happens’ concerning time frame or workload. They are individually motivated to work hard and pull for the underdog if need be. Stand up to them when they challenge or ask questions, they are looking for someone to meet them on their level and not back down. If you can meet them on their level, challenging their challenge, they will trust you and work hard for the greater good.

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Thank you, Justin Boggs, for the content!

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