Enneagram Type 5: The Investigator

Enneagram type 5 is called the investigator. Type fives are studious, readily taking deep dives into whatever they ind interest in. They take comfort in knowledge and being the expert in the room about a certain topic or skillset. They are great at being objective and giving feedback that is rational and not emotional.

At their best, they are great at discovering why things are the way they are, making great judgment calls on big tough decisions that can easily get convoluted by emotions. They are very analytical and are able to understand the complexities of certain situations or problems. In times of disintegration, they can be recluses, locking themselves into a ‘deep dive’ in order to avoid contact with the outside world. They can mistake spectating in social situations as partaking in social situations, making them recluses and uninvolved in relationships.

At work they feel more comfortable with data and facts as opposed to people and emotions. They have strict boundaries and are the most introverted of all types on the Enneagram. Respect their boundaries and they will work hard and deliver incredible results in the workplace.

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