Enneagram Type 2: The Helper

Enneagram type 2 is called the helper. At their best, they are kind, generous, warm hearted, and loving. In times of disintegration (unhealth) they can be manipulative, people-pleasing, enmeshed or codependent.

At work, Type 2’s see the work that they do through the lens of relationships. They are motivated by pleasing, impressing, or wanting support from others on their team. They desire to to excel so that people will think well of them. They want others to like them, and are confident that they can make others like them. They are able to relate to a wide variety of people, and can connect and empathize easily and well.

They believe there are two kinds of people in the world, people who like them, and people who don’t know them well enough yet to like them. They can tend to neglect themselves in order to please others and in doing so can forget what they enjoy or desire completely.

Whatever they are doing they have the ability to get the work done while also understanding and guiding the relationships that are effected in the work that is getting done.

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