Enneagram Type 7: The Adventurer

Enneagram type 7’s are called the adventurer. They are fun, loving, high energy and enjoy dreaming and planning all the possibilities. They are super creative and can dream up ideas that are way beyond what we would normally dream of, and they can get you there.

At work, they have a great amount of energy and can take on projects by themselves, but sometimes have difficulty sticking to deadlines. Give them a job or a project but don’t tell them how to do it, just give them a due date. They also need time for just fun. Make sure you plan for fun times at the office and they will be a great worker.

At their best, they are hard working, funny, energetic and outgoing. They can fill a room with laughter. In times of disintegration, they can be stubborn and prideful. They can get anxious and fearful if they feel they don’t have enough options or time for fun, at home or at work.

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