Enneagram Type 9: The Peacemaker

Enneagram type 9’s are called the peacemaker. They are kind, soft-hearted, understand and can see and understand anyone’s perspective. They are great at mediation and connecting with people, no matter what the circumstance.

At their best, they can be incredibly engaged, focused on connection to people and relationships, understanding what needs to happen in situations and provide solutions that resolve or connect the entire party. In times of disintegration they can be aloof, disengaged and only focused on avoiding any potential conflict, both internally or externally.

At work, they are great at human resources and project management when in healthy spaces. They can drive the train towards resolution or synchronicity in a way that no other number can. When they are stressed, they can become very anxious and slothful with their work. Working only on things that are easy, avoiding any potential conflict which can slow down or even halt any potential progress.

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