Enneagram: Wings

The Enneagram might seem overwhelming after you finish it. You get your type, and several other numbers, but what does this mean? Don’t worry we’ll break it down for you, starting with your wing.

Wings are the numbers that reside directly on the two sides of your Enneagram Type. So, if you are an Enneagram One, you will either have a Nine-wing or a Two-wing, and if you are an Enneagram Two, you will either have a One-wing or a Three-wing, and so on. On the Cloverleaf profile, it will be highlighted in dark green. While you may have tendencies that lean into both wings, you will likely be more dominant in one than the other, and this will be your wing. Now that we have that down, let’s dive into what your wing means. Essentially, a wing represents another part of your personality that you identify with that works in harmony with your Type. So, if you are an Enneagram Seven with an Eight-wing, you likely primarily demonstrate the tendencies of an Enneagram Seven, but your behaviors may also lean toward an Enneagram Eight. Your wing does not change your Type, it adds different characteristics to it that may separate you from someone with the same Type but different wing. Your wing behaviors may compliment or even contradict your Type, but that is okay! This is what makes you a well-rounded human being. No one can really only be one Type, and if you tend to notice yourself practicing behaviors from other Types, read this blog on Enneagram Arrows, as this will dive deeper into how you act during times of growth and stress. You can also read this blog on Enneagram Triads that will go into the groupings of the Enneagram Types.

If you completed the Enneagram assessment, and your results don’t feel accurate, read this blog on How to Self-Type.