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Enneagram Type 7 Description And Key Characteristics

Enneagram 7’s are called The Enthusiast. They are motivated by a desire to be happy. Sevens like to plan enjoyable activities, contribute to the world, and avoid suffering or uncomfortable feelings.

Type sevens enjoy introducing others to new experiences and adventures. They often prefer to juggle tasks at once because they are quick-minded and can learn new things quickly.

Sevens typically radiate joy and optimism, express childlike astonishment, and experience life as a gift. They are full of good humor, playful, a share a disarming type of charm.

Enneagram 7 Strengths

  • Enthusiastic

  • Fun-loving

  • Spontaneous

  • Imaginative

  • Confident

  • Charming

  • Curious

  • Outgoing

  • Light-hearted

When Sevens are secure, they are visionary, appreciative, sober-minded, and practice being present with others. Their growth direction helps them to practice discipline, process emotions, and accept the good and bad of life.

Development Opportunities for Enneagram Type 7s

Sevens can practice recognizing moments of impulse and learn to observe these desires rather than give succumb. Type sevens can pause taking action, gather feedback, and better assess which desires or ideas are worth acting on. 

Sevens can also earn to appreciate silence and solitude: rather than noise or activity to distract them. By learning to live with less external stimulation, sevens can find satisfaction in less consumption and periods of solitude.

Type sevens should make it a habit to choose quality over quantity, especially in their experiences, by giving their full attention to the immediate moment. Living with constant anticipation of future events can undermine the possibility of finding satisfaction.

Enneagram 7 Blindspots

  • Escapism

  • Impulsive

  • Naivety

  • Anxiety

  • Self-Centeredness

  • Difficulty Committing

An unhealthy seven can be superficial, narcissistic, indulgent, irresponsible, inconsistent, and scattered. It is hard to confine an unhealthy seven. Sevens can become oblivious to their weaknesses and those of others. 

Sevens can put themselves at risk because of their naiveté and are sometimes unrealistic, lacking the self-discipline to say no or pause from taking action.

Identifying your type is not an excuse for specific behaviors. Such as, “I don’t like commitments; they’re too restrictive. I’m a seven.” Instead, sevens can consider, “Perhaps I am being self-centered or running from difficult feelings. Am I reacting to this to feel safe?”

Enneagram 7 Wings

A seven can have a six or an eight wing. 

A seven with a six wing can tend to be more light-hearted, dutiful, and committed. They may become fidgety, sensitive, hesitant, and anxious in stressful situations.

A seven with an eight wing tends to be more assertive, powerful, and confident. Under stress, they can become self-centered, indulgent, self-centered, and impatient.

Enneagram Type 7 At Work

Sevens bring lightning-fast action and team spirit to a team environment. They have a knack for making teamwork fun, ensuring members enjoy themselves, even while working hard.

Teams members can find sevens challenging to work with if they become overly scattered or busy, making it difficult to prioritize initiatives and complete objectives. Typically, sevens can do their best work in a role that permits variety, spontaneity, and socializing.

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A Coaching Tip to Help Enneagram 7s On A Team

In groups or teams, sevens can get engaged and excited about an idea being discussed or debated. Sevens need to invite the ideas of others, even if those ideas don’t come as rapidly as their own.

As a practical tip, sevens may consider self-coaching in the moment and prompt themselves to ask someone else about their perspective when they notice themselves getting overly enthusiastic!

Sevens are highly creative and enjoy brainstorming ideas outside the norms. Sevens have great energy and can take on projects alone but sometimes have difficulty sticking to deadlines. They enjoy autonomy and can figure out how to get the work done; however, deadlines are helpful.

Continue To Grow As An Enneagram 7

The Enneagram is helpful because it identifies fears and challenges related to each personality type. The goal is to recognize and use the insights to experience transformational growth.

Sevens need to remind themself that problems will not go away, and it is best to face them rather than deny or gloss over difficult situations. They can also benefit from trusted friends or coworkers who help them stay in touch with their feelings and create space to express them.

Painful emotions can be terrifying to a seven, and they will find ways to avoid them. Type sevens appreciate confidants who will be gentle with criticism and feedback.

Sevens are the consumers of life, they want to take it all in. They do not want to miss out on anything and can suffer from “the grass is always greener” syndrome. This can lead them constantly seek new experiences and excitement.

The way forward for a seven is to practice is to pay attention when they are avoidant and articulating the issue; doing so can lead to fulfillment.

Seven love to think about the future, but transformation happens by living in the present. When sevens give preference to others and choose to be present, they can experience profound joy and find gratitude in the moment.

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Enneagram Type 7
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