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Enneagram Type 6 Description And Key Characteristics

An Enneagram 6 is called The Loyalist. They are fun, energetic, dependable, and honest at their best. In times of disintegration, they can become anxious and self-doubting, indecisive, and overly dependent on fail safes rather than their instincts or judgment.

Enneagram 6s are motivated by a desire to find or create security. They are warm, playful, open, loyal, supportive, honest, fair, and reliable in relationships. 

Sixes are cooperative and reliable team players willing to do whatever it takes to support their friends, family, and community. This type will assess new opportunities by using data, insights, and extensive research to ensure a secure path forward.

Sixes anticipate potential threats and use strategies to help ensure that danger or mistakes are avoided at all costs. They will also look to authority figures for assurance and security before making decisions.

Enneagram 6 Strengths

  • Loyal

  • Measured

  • Likable

  • Caring

  • Warm

  • Hard-worker

  • Witty

  • Practical

  • Helpful

  • Responsible

When Sixes are secure and healthy, they move towards their growth arrow of the nine. Their growth direction helps sixes rely on their instincts and remain open to multiple perspectives. 

Development Opportunities for Enneagram Type 6s

Sixes tend to overreact when they are under stress and feeling anxious. When under stress, sixes move to their stress arrow of the three. They can become workaholics, image-conscience, and dismissive of their thoughts and feelings. 

Sixes can learn to identify thoughts or situations that create  anxious reactions within them and use their logical approach to respond rationally.

Enneagram 6 Blindspots

  • Low Self-Esteem

  • Anxiety

  • Exaggerated Need For Security

  • Aggression

  • Rigidity

  • Timidity

It can also be helpful for a six to consider how often things they fear or experience anxiousness about actually come true. And consider, even if things are as bad as you think, your fearful thoughts weaken you and your ability to change things for the better. 

You cannot always manage external events, but you can manage your own thoughts. 

A six can also work on becoming more trusting of others. More than likely, there are several people in your life you can turn to who care about you and who are trustworthy.

It is also good for this type to make it a habit of letting people in their life know how they feel about them. And to practice taking action when consequences are relatively low and safe.

Identifying your type is not an excuse for specific behaviors. Such as, “well, I’m just trying to think ahead; I’m a six.” Instead, sixes can consider, “Perhaps I am being overly cautious and reserved. Am I reacting to this to feel safe?”

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Enneagram 6 Wings

A six can have a five or a seven wing. 

A six with a five wing tends to be more serious and studious. They can be original in thought, quiet, private, and, when unhealthy arrogant, and reclusive. 

A six with a seven wing tends to be more outgoing and active. They are more social, playful, and conscientious of including others. When unhealthy, they can overreact, become materialistic, and impatient. 

Enneagram Type 6 At Work

Sixes bring dedication and hard work to a team. This type enjoys being a part of a team and aligning with something bigger than themselves. They make wonderful allies and are willing to make an extra effort to strengthen group cohesion and support the organization’s mission.

Sixes work best when given structured opportunities and clear expectations. They can be tremendous advocates for their teammates and projects in these environments. A six can help teams create efficient processes to ensure stability and growth.

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A Coaching Tip to Help Enneagram 6s On A Team

In groups or teams, sixes may be challenged in times of uncertainty or when a resolution has not been reached.

It’s important for sixes to remember that it’s ok for a team to be in an inquiry about something to help reach the best conclusion. 

As a practical tip, sixes may consider teaming up with a colleague on a project who thrives in fluid and ever-changing situations to create a balanced approach.

Sixes need time to analyze and think through all possible scenarios. When given respect, patience, and time to answer all of their questions, they can help teams proactively avoid trouble.

Continue To Grow As An Enneagram 6

The Enneagram is helpful because it identifies fears and challenges related to each personality type. The goal is to recognize and use the insights to experience transformational growth.

Being free to be your best self is essential. The road to growth for an Enneagram six will require monitoring their stress and taking practical action to resolve their worry.

Enneagram Sixes are dependable individuals who make trustworthy friends. When a six moves toward health, they can manage and release anxious thoughts. They are also able to make decisions without doubting themself.

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