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Enneagram Type 2 Description And Key Characteristics

An Enneagram 2 is called The Helper. They are kind, generous, warm-hearted, and loving at their best. In times of disintegration (unhealth), they can be manipulative, people-pleasing, enmeshed, or codependent.

Enneagram 2s are motivated by the need to be helpful to others. They are attentive, appreciative, generous, warm, playful, and nurturing. 

Twos have a knack for making others feel special and loved. They often prefer to work with people and usually have a large circle of acquaintances. Enneagram Twos quickly label people as their “friends” because of their social nature. 

Twos guard relationships fiercely and prioritize decisions according to the potential impact the outcome will have on those they care about. They are ideal team players, always opting for self-sacrifice over self-promotion and happy to take on extra work when others are overloaded or in a jam.

Enneagram 2 Strengths

  • Helpful

  • Caring

  • Generous

  • Adaptable

  • Insightful

  • Enthusiastic

  • Empathetic

  • Demonstrative

  • Supportive

  • Self-Sacrificial

  • In Tune with Others

When Twos are secure and healthy, they move towards their growth arrow of the four. Their direction of growth helps twos become more honest and brings out their creative potential. Doing so helps them authentically express their full range of emotions.

Development Opportunities for Enneagram Type 2s

Enneagram Twos can practice becoming more conscious of their motives when they decide to help someone.

When under stress, twos move to their stress arrow of the eight. They can become aggressive, accusatory, and controlling, especially when they don’t feel appreciated. 

Twos can also work on communicating their intentions and be willing to accept a “no thank you.” Someone deciding that they do not want your particular offer to help does not mean they dislike or reject you. 

Enneagram 2 Blindspots

  • Ignoring Self-Care Practices

  • Avoiding Their Own Emotional Needs

  • Poor Boundaries

  • Offense

  • Unaware Of Motives

  • Difficulty Being Transparent

Type twos can eliminate transactional behavior by monitoring their reasons for specific courses of action. After they have done something for others, it is not always necessary to remind them about it.

Learn to recognize the affection and good wishes of others. Giving people the benefit of the doubt and recognizing others’ attempts to connect can help twos to know they are accepted and secure.

Twos tend to neglect themselves to please others and, in doing so, can completely forget what they enjoy or desire.

Identifying your type is not an excuse for specific behaviors. Such as, “well, I’m just trying to help; I’m a two.” Instead, twos can consider, “Perhaps I was a bit overbearing trying to fix others’ problems. Am I doing this to feel accepted?”

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Enneagram 2 Wings

A two can have a one or a three wing. 

A two with a one wing tends to focus on doing things correctly. They can be principled, altruistic, and objective when healthy. They can become guilt-ridden, self-critical, controlling, self-righteous, and judgemental if unhealthy. 

A two wing three tends to care more about their image. They want to win and can be friendly, self-assured, and ambitious. When unhealthy, they can become deceptive, manipulative, and vain. 

Enneagram Type 2 At Work

Type Twos view their work through the lens of relationships. They are motivated to please, impress, and acquire admiration from others on their team.

Twos excel so that people will think well of them. They want others to enjoy being around them and feel confident they can develop friendships with their team members.

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A Coaching Tip To Help Enneagram 2s On A Team

In a group or team, twos may tend to focus on drawing out the ideas of others through brainstorming or strategic planning. 

A good reminder for twos is to balance empowering others while also contributing their own thoughts and ideas. 

As a practical tip, when headed into a meeting or conversation, twos may want to come prepared with two or three of their own ideas that they might like to share. 

Twos can relate to various people and easily create connections using their empathetic skillsets. Twos believe there are two kinds of people in the world, people who like them and people who don’t know them well enough yet to like them. 

Enneagram Twos can be productive while also considering how people are affected by expectations and processes required to do the necessary things. Twos enjoy using their relational skills to support the team and create welcoming environments.

Continue To Grow As An Enneagram 2

The Enneagram is helpful because it identifies fears and challenges related to each personality type. The goal is to recognize and use the insights to experience transformational growth.

Being free to be your best self is essential. The road to growth for an Enneagram Two will require being attentive to their needs, practicing transparency, and asking for specific help when necessary.

Enneagram Twos can form remarkable relationships within their community and team. When twos move toward health, they can focus less on attention-seeking while acknowledging and prioritizing their own needs. 

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Enneagram Type 2 Description
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